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How much coverage do I need for my business? You should have at least $1M limit of liability coverage and more if the value and/or assets of the business exceed that limit.  For property coverage you would need enough to replace lost property and for liability coverage you would need enough to cover net worth of company and individuals.

Why do I have to carry workers’ compensation if I 1099 my employees or consider them independent contractors?  Independent contractors must meet very strict guidelines to qualify as independent contractors.  Your work staff that receives a 1099 will still be considered an employee if they do not meet the guidelines.  If they meet the guidelines, they should carry an individual workers’ compensation policy.

As a business owner, should I cover myself on workers compensation?  It is wise to cover yourself for workers compensation. If you choose not to, you need to obtain coverage to replace your income and verify that your health insurance will cover an “on the job” injury.

Why does my premium increase without any claims? Market conditions will affect each and every insured’s premium.  Your premium can be affected by an adverse claims history based on the class of business.

Do I need EPLI coverage- specifically for sexual harassment lawsuits?  We can provide coverage to assist in the defense of these suits. The average claim results in expenses in excess of $40,000.

Who do I call when I have a claim?  We provide you with a direct line/link to your insurance carrier if you wish to report your own claims, or you can have our office staff assist you with your claim.

Who do I call when I need a certificate?  Our staff can assist you with obtaining a certificate of insurance or you can use the on line request option.

What are my payment options? We provide payment options with each new policy issued and can adjust these as needed upon renewal or mid-term.